The Facts

FACT – 25% of boys and 33% of girls aged between 2 and 19 are classed as overweight*
FACT – 1 in 7 children of the same age are obese*
FACT – 75% of parents aren’t aware that their children are overweight*
FACT – Obesity and weight gain is caused by a diet rich in fats and sugar and no exercise!*
FACT – Obesity increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes*
FACT – It costs the UK economy £8.2billion per year to sustain inactive Britons

The above statistics make for uncomfortable reading. However, we at Lead The Way Fitness believe that with a combination of fitness and education the next generation can learn from our mistakes and live long and healthy lives. A failure by us, the adults to realise and respond to the situation will have disastrous consequences for the adults of tomorrow.

Health + Fitness = Improved Performance

Exercise has many benefits both physically and mentally. We’ve all heard the term ‘A healthy body equals a healthy mind’ but how does exercise help you learn? For starters, it gets blood, oxygen, and other “brain food” to the brain. Exercise aids the production of natural chemicals that help brain cells grow and survive. A combination of these things will help students learn more and increase performance in the classroom.

With regular exercise and a healthy diet, a child is more likely to:

• Do better in exams
• Stay focused and pay attention
• Set and reach goals
• Get better grades

Don’t believe us?

Then try this exercise…

You have a maximum of 90 seconds to complete the test. For each incorrect or unfinished answer add 10 seconds to your time. Once you’ve completed it, take a brisk walk around the local area for 20 minutes and re-test yourself. Your score will almost certainly improve. GOOD LUCK!

1. 12 x 7 =
2. 144 – 87 =
3. 12 x ? = 132
4. 12 + 17 + 29 =
5. 80 + 8 + 9 =

“After attending the FitUcation boot camp my student has improved focus and works really hard in class. She is very keen to please, much more confident!” Chris – ICT Teacher

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