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Davie Carns

Founder of Lead The Way Fitness

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Leading The Legacy

Lead The Way Fitness (LTWF) was initially created with the sole purpose of increasing physical activity amongst young persons in the West Midlands through innovative health and fitness projects across the region and beyond.

The reason for founding the company was simple. The United Kingdom is currently suffering an obesity epidemic which is not going away. As stated within our website, 1 child in 7 is currently classed as obese but startlingly, 75% of parents do not recognise their child as overweight.

This takes a staggering toll on the NHS on both a local and national scale. Indeed, in 2014 the West Midlands had five local authorities in the most inactive quartile in England. The overall cost of inactivity per 100,000 people to these five local authorities totalled over £117 million. LTWF believes this is unsustainable and action is required to address the issue – now.

At LTWF, we look at health and fitness from a holistic view point. Alongside a healthy diet and adequate sleep, physical activity is a core foundation for our overall health and wellbeing. Ensuring physical activity is a daily habit for young people is vital to give people the best possible chance to fulfil their potential.

As a former Royal Marines Commando, health and fitness has always been a key part of my life as it has been for many ex-military personnel. With this in mind, we at LTWF took the decision to engage with former members of HM Armed Forces in a bid to utilise the many transferable skills they possess.

We are proud to say ex forces personnel continue to work alongside our diverse pool of instructors to act as mentors on our many health and fitness projects across the region. Additionally, we continue to help ex forces personnel into work via career coaching and volunteering opportunities.

The children of this decade have been described as the ‘least active generation in history.’ To correct this will require a lot of hard work but we are steadfast in our commitment to lead the next generation into a healthy lifestyle which will leave a legacy for years to come.

We at LTWF hope you too, will also lead the way.


Kind Regards,

D Carns

Founder, Lead The Way Fitness