Key Aims



Lead The Way Fitness is a health and fitness movement created for the benefit of people of all ages with the aim of increasing physical activity, health and well-being across communities in a bid to create a health and fitness legacy for generations to come.


Through fitness activities and initiatives, young people are mentored and coached to organise and deliver major projects for the benefit of their establishment and local community in an effort to increase physical activity in both local areas and across the UK.

In addition, we also aim to engage ex-military personnel by offering personal one to one coaching to help re-integrate the individuals back into society in an effort to ensure the many transferable skills they possess aren’t wasted. By doing this we ensure their life experiences and knowledge go back into society to create positive outcomes for both them and the younger generation.

In short, Lead The Way Fitness aims to achieve the following;

To create a health and fitness legacy for future generations across the West Midlands Combined Authority and further afield.

To increase interest in fitness throughout local schools and other educational establishments.

To promote benefits of health and fitness to all members of local community

To organise outdoor activity days for local schools and colleges

Engage ex-military personnel to create positive outcomes for them and their community


Benefit to individuals who have engaged with LTWF:

  • Increased health benefit
  • Increased activity levels
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
  • Better chances in life


“I have really worked hard and I feel more determined to do well in my exams. My fitness has definitely improved and I’ve been drinking loads of water! It was brilliant seeing my scores beaten the second time round in the tests.  Dan – Year 11”