We use the latest researched principles of physical training to achieve the optimum fitness results. Our fitness programme is delivered and taught by our specialist Physical Training Instructors. Many of our members of staff have military backgrounds and elements of military fitness and discipline are present throughout our training sessions. We pride our sessions on being unique, enjoyable and challenging to anyone who participates.

Nutrition and Health Education

Throughout the programme we aim to educate pupils on how to improve their fitness and general well-being, delivered through practical activities and periods of rest.

Information is shared on how our bodies rely on a healthy balanced diet to function at its best. How choosing the correct foods and hydrating our bodies will improve performance not only in the physical sense but also in the classroom by improving concentration and focus. Our students will learn how to balance the intake and expenditure of energy to maintain a healthy weight and how exercise contributes to this equation. Pupils are educated on the short and long term effects that smoking and drinking have on the human body. A FitUcation lecture is present in our training sessions and is delivered by experienced and qualified teachers.

A healthy body means a healthy mind.

How is it done?

Fitucation can be delivered on a weekly basis for a designated time frame (eg 12 weeks) or can be done in a residential camp at various locations throughout the UK. For more information please email

FitUcation – Why?

At FitUcation we are passionate about educating and improving the fitness of future generations. It is no secret that the UK’s health is at an all-time low with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other such illness’ currently crippling the NHS. Due to the number of obese adults and children the country is spending over £2 billion a year with an alarming prediction from health experts that parents could soon start out living their children.

“FitUcation has been brilliant, I enjoyed every single
training session. I can already feel my muscles!” Luna – Year 10